Quarter Sawn Oak

Quarter Sawing Lumber is a process in which logs are cut into quarters and then the boards are sawn at an angle away from the center of the log. This causes the growth rings or "grains to pass through the boards at a more perfect 90 degree angle.

Quarter sawn oak takes more time and effort to cut and creates slightly more wasted log, hence the higher price. The benefits of quarter sawn boards have been know to Europeans for as many a 600 years. Today there are two popular choices for in this category: Quarter Sawn Red Oak, and Quarter Sawn White Oak.

So what are the benefits? Quarter sawn oak is not as prone to twist, warp or cup as it ages. This was very important in bygone days before modern wood treatment was an option. Quarter sawn oak also is stronger, holds a finish better and does not allow liquids to easily pass through it.

quarter sawn oakQuarter Sawn Oak has an "antique feel" about it, and can be recognized easily by its famous "dark ray flecks". You will also notice some wavy and interlocked grains. This beautiful wood became very popular during the arts and crafts movement of the early 1900's.

Our Amish Furniture, crafted with this beautiful "antique-ish" wood choice, is certain be be prized as much for its old fashioned aesthetic look, as for its strength and longevity!


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